Thursday, April 14, 2011

Creating Lines Forms

Learning Objectives:
  • Students will understand and learn how to use the element of line to create unlimited forms/symbols. 
  • Understand that line is the basic element of all designs and has unlimited forms. 
  • To use the element of line in the same way of the Nazca drawings to create their own art.
Subject Matter: Art
Standard/s Addressed:
1.0 Artistic Perception 
  • 1.5 Identify and describe elements or art in works of art, emphasizing line, color, shape/form, texture, space, and value.
  • This lesson will integrate social studies, since students will learn about the history of the Nazca lines in Peru.
Web Resources:
  1. Solving History with Olly Steeds: Nazca Wonders 
          Informative video and information about Nazca lines in Peru.
    2.  Nazca Lines
         Nazca lines pictures and history about  Nazca drawings.
   3.  Nazca Lines Lesson Plans
        Different nazca lines lesson plans reviewed by teachers.
Questions for Research
  • Essential Question: 
  1. Do you consider the Nazca lines art?
  • Additional Questions: 
  1. Do you think lines can create art?
  2. Can different lines make a single drawing?
  3. Do the Nazca drawings have only one form of line?
  4. How many Nazca lines can we find in Peru?
  5. Who do you think drew the Nazca lines? 
  6.  Do Nazca lines have geometric shapes?
  7. Why Nazca lines are a mystery?
  • Thier drawings will demonstrate if they have learned and understand the element of line.
  • Students will identify at least three lines forms from their artwork.
  • Students will answer prompting questions.

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